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SERVO 1400mm Croc-Cut Vinyl Cutter

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Croc-cut 1400mm Servo Vinyl Cutter with SignMaster Software Basic.

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Croc_cut_1400_ServoThe Croc-Cut 1400mm Servo Vinyl Cutter – Complete with stand and media basket SignMaster Software

Direct USB, plug and play, no USB drivers required.


Works on Mac systems with SignMaster software; Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 – 64 bit compatible.

  • High cutting force 750g Maximum cutting force.
  • Fast cutting speed 960mm/s maximum cutting speed.
  • Magnetic valve cutting head with 7 grit rollers and 5 pinch rollers
  • Aluminium alloy construction, strong ABS sides
  • Variable cutting speeds and laser registration -(contour cutting at your fingertips)
  • Straight-line Speed: 50-960mm/s
  • Curve speed: 50-600mm/s
  • Motor & Driver: DC servo Fast and Quiet
  • Motor power: 25watt
  • Magnetic Value Carriage Panel with LCD
  • Guaranteed 3-meter tracking
  • Servo motor speed: 0-3500RPM
  • 0-3000RPM time: < 20 MS(idle load); <1200 MS(working)

Encoder signal: physical 1000line/ round, logical 4000line/round
Force: 50-570g 10g increments (base model) 50-750g (upgrade model). ● Memory: 512K/4MB
CPU: 64bit DSP 32MFlash
Mechanical Resolution: 0.01254mm/pulse
Repeating Precision: 0.082mm
Interface: RS-232 / USB 2.0
Power: 240V / 50-60HZ 6A
Machine power: < 100watt
Operation acoustic noise level: 65 dB (A) or less
Standby acoustic noise level: 30 dB (A) or less
Environmental temperature: 2 – 35°C
Environmental Humidity: 30%-70%(no congeal water)
With floor stand and media basket
Max. feeding Width: 1400mm
Max. cutting width: 1285mm
Packing: 1pcs/inner, 1pcs/export carton
Meas: 103x36x49


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Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 101 × 36 × 49 cm