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ARMS 1800mm Croc-Cut Vinyl Cutter

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Croc-Cut 1800mm Vinyl Cutter
Croc-Cut ARMS Vinyl Cutter Best Contour Cutter
Croc-Cut 1800mm ARMS Vinyl Cutter Automatic Registration Mark System with SignMaster Software Pro.


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The Croc-Cut 1800mm ARMS Vinyl Cutter – Automatic Registration Mark System, complete with stand and media basket SignMaster Software Pro

SignMaster Software has been specially developed by a team of expert programmers to take full
advantage of Croc-Cuts ARMS technology and Automated Laser Sensors. It does this by using an
Auto ARMS Controller which continually adjusts itself to allow for any skew or stretch within the
artwork which results in the most accurate contour cutting possible – even over very long distances.
With Croc Cut ARMS cutting plotter and Sign Master you have a formidable combination of sign
design and layout tools with excellent engineering, so you can rapidly produce super accurate
signage and decals with pinpoint contour cutting to achieve the most outstanding and professional
results possible.


Direct USB, plug and play, no USB drivers required.

Works on Mac systems with SignMaster Software Pro; Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 – 64 bit compatible.

  • High force cutting head with 7 wheels
  • Aluminum alloy construction, ABS end caps, welded steel stand
  • Straight-line Max. Speed: 37.8 inches/s (960mm/s)
  • Curve Max. speed: 23.6 inches/s (0-600mm/s)
  • Motor & Driver: DC servo
  • Motor power: 25watt
  • Servo motor speed: 0-3500 RPM
  • 0-3000 RPM time: < 20 MS(idle load); <1200 MS(working)
  • Encoder signal: physical 1016 line/ round, logical 4064 line/round
  • Max. force: 1.65lbs [750g (3g/step)
  • CPU: 64bit DSP 32M Flash
  • Mechanical Resolution: 0.0005 inches/pulse (0.01254 mm/pulse)
  • Repeating Precision: 0.003 inches (0.082 mm)

Technical Specifications
Item No.
Max. media width
Max. cutting width
+/- 0,01mm
DC Servo
Power consumption
< 100W
Ambient temperature
+5°C – +35°C
171 x 35 x 49cm

Price is Plus GST and Shipping

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 260 × 35 × 49 cm