STEPPER 720mm Croc-Cut Vinyl Cutter
SERVO 1400mm Croc-Cut Vinyl Cutter
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Why Croc-Cut?

Our Obession with Precision, Quality and Speed!

Super Accurate

Be thrilled with the quality of Croc-Cut; perfect tracking back & forth, our repeat function means perfect precision; contour cutting any shapes or fonts exactly, and as quiet as a Croc.

Built Tough

Built tough from the inside out - from the aluminium alloy frame, ABS end caps to double ball bearing blade holders, Croc-Cut is built to outdo the competition and withstand rigorous use.

Blazing Fast

The servo 720 has five wheels and four lock down clamps with a one lever action, when most of our competition has only 2 wheels, we blaze past them.

Save Money

Our cutters are premium workstations that are competitively priced and affordable, saving you money in the long haul with peace of mind.

Australian Owned

When you buy our products we guarantee excellent service at all times - with 20 years of combined experience, we are proud to be Western Australian owned & operated.

Ease of Use

Big thing with our cutters is ease of use, with our Aussie software our machines are immediately recognized - plug & play! So you can focus your time on the creative side.

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